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Stress, a ubiquitous aspect of modern living, operates in a cyclical pattern that can often feel relentless.
This cycle, is delineated into four stages:

Stage 1 – TRIGGER:

This stage is initiated by an external event or an internal thought, setting off the chain reaction of stress. These triggers can range from demanding situations at work to our internal ruminations about past or future events.


Post the initial trigger, our body and mind respond with a flurry of internal reactions. These may manifest as intense emotions like anxiety, sadness, or anger, or even as physical sensations such as a rapid heartbeat or an uneasy feeling in the stomach.


The internal turbulence then propels us into external actions. This could lead to behaviours like procrastination, lashing out in anger, poor work performance, or miscommunication in relationships.

Stage 4 – RESULT:

These external actions, in turn, lead to outcomes that affect our overall wellbeing and our interactions with others. These results can range from strained relationships to feeling discontented with our own actions.The culmination of this cycle is often a reinforcing loop of negative feedback, where the results from one cycle become the triggers for the next, perpetuating a continuous loop of stress.

Delving Deep with Inner Growth:

In the realm of personal development, there lies an intricate layer often overlooked — the space nestled between the initial trigger of stress (Stage 1) and our internal reactions (Stage 2). Here, in this profound depth, the roots of our being lie intertwined with our subconscious beliefs, memories, and traumas. It’s where the whispers of our truths resonate, often unheard amidst the clamor of external stimuli.

Inner growth is not merely about navigating life’s challenges; it’s about embarking on a transformative journey to explore these very depths. At Intrinsic Tribe, we understand that true healing and empowerment spring from delving deep into this abyss between stages one and two of the stress cycle. Within this vast space, remnants of past traumas, both known and forgotten, anchor us to repetitive cycles of pain and reaction.

Yet, this depth also holds immense potential. It is the repository of our innate wisdom, awaiting discovery. While you hold within you all the answers you seek, the maze of the subconscious can be overwhelming to navigate alone. That’s where our role becomes paramount. We don’t claim to have the answers, nor do we enforce a prescribed path. Instead, we serve as compassionate guides, lighting your way as you uncover your truths.

Through our tailored approach, we assist you in dissolving past traumas, aiding you in breaking free from their shackles. We gently guide you to recognise, challenge, and eventually reprogram those deeply ingrained beliefs that no longer serve your journey. Replacing these with an intrinsic self-belief allows you to reconstruct your inner narrative, one where you trust in your worth and capabilities.

By working in this profound space, we facilitate closure. The triggers that once sent you spiralling into reactive patterns begin to lose their potency. As you gain insight into your own depths, you naturally dissolve the reasons for those triggers, enabling a life of empowered responses rather than reactive impulses.

Your journey towards inner growth is unique, and the answers you seek are already within you. At Intrinsic Tribe, we believe in your inherent wisdom and strength. Our role is merely to illuminate the path, guiding you towards discovering the empowering truths about yourself, and in doing so, nurturing a community that thrives on understanding, growth, and boundless inner peace.

Below is a quick diagram on how you can see where the changes to yourself take place with meditation and inner growth;


Feel free to reach out for further explanation or guidance. We have a passion to help.

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