Discover Your Inner Peace and Thrive

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your career and personal life?

Struggling to find time for family or detach from work stress?

Feeling stuck in your job, fearing industry changes, or losing control of your life’s direction?

If these challenges resonate with you, you’re not alone.
Our unique service is designed to help you navigate these struggles and find balance, peace, and renewed purpose.

We understand your unique challenges.

Our 12-WEEK INNER GROWTH PROGRAM is specifically designed for people like you,
who seek to reclaim their OWN PERSONAL POWER and achieve LIFE BALANCE.

Through this TRANSFORMATIVE JOURNEY, you’ll:

Learn how to live in your own personal power

Intrinsically understand the differences between your ego, identity, limited mindset and the authentic YOU

Rediscover inner peace and happiness

Learn to detach from work and life stress

Create more meaningful family time

Have guilt free fun again

Build resilience against industry changes

Empower yourself to thrive personally and professionally

Craig Young - Transformational Coach Inner Growth Coach

Our signature methodology teaches you a variety of tools and techniques 

  • Meditative Tools for Transformation
  • Mindfulness techniques to find balance
  • Mastering your Stress Cycle
  • Lifes Treadmills and how control it
  • Reprogramming your Sub Conscious – aligning core values and beliefs
  • Psychology Tools to cut through the ego
  • NLP Techniques to create future goals and break old habits
  • Breath Works for cognitive and physical performance
  • Professional Dietitian Secrets to help you thrive in life
  • Heart Profiling Tools to discover where your emotional EQ is
  • Hand Profiling Tools to discover how you take action in life
  • Head profiling Tools to discover how you think, process  and communicate with others
  • Listening Profiling Tools to allow you to live in the moment and be present
  • Emotional Processing Techniques to help you find your centre again
  • Workshops – To apply your learnings and new skills
  • Homeplays – To ensure your comprehension and growth

We work with:

| Individuals | Groups | SMB | Corporate | On Ourselves |

Oooh! did I mention, we love sport and surf.

Health and Wellness should be a FOCUS in your life..

I can honestly tell you I have been there and have now seen the other side. And it is so much better than the suffering and wondering.

I had a successful IT business for 30 years and pushed through burn outs 3 times, until one day I just had to make a change.
I all of a sudden started to wake up at 2am in the morning and my mind was a roller coaster that could not be shut down.

I noticed I would have flat days for no apparent reason, just felt a little low and lost motivation. I’d lost my zing in life and all the weight of family, work and socialising became a driving low.

On paper I had everything, well for me anyway … I had a beautiful family, a house, nice cars and a booming business and time to surf 🙂

I just couldnt work out what was wrong or why. It is such a hard feeling to open up about and I felt I had no-one to listen.

I welcome you to Intrinsic Tribe

I learned that I was always putting others first and not filling my own bucket… ever !
I enjoyed my family time and lifestyle however I couldn’t appreciate it because I was experiencing these unfamiliar lows.

I soon discovered the most powerful relationships all start with yourself, and once your cup fills, so does everyone else’s.

I had to learn to love and respect myself again.

When we build our Intrinsic Inner Self and rekindle our own internal relationship, we no longer need to seek approval from others . We regain our passion, purpose and Self worth.

This powerful realisation changes you forever. Living from an Intrinsic Inner Growth phase clearly defines you as who you really are.
Nothing is hidden, pushed away or ignored. It all makes up YOU as a human and is why you are here now in this present moment.

Your life changes, your family life changes, your social life changes,and your work life changes.
You become your Intrinsic self again and life is lived out fulfilling your dreams and desires, no matter what they are.

When we live our lives seeing through the eyes of Love, Share, Care, Trust & Co-Exist. We form an Intrinsic Knowledge of our Inner Selves and feel a profound warmth to deliver these eyes back to the community.

We are all unique and you are 100% not alone.
I am here for you and would love to guide and assist you in finding your truth, your authentic Intrinsic life.

Craig Young - Transformational Coach Inner Growth Coach
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