Intrinsic Living Academy

Intrinsic Mates Loyalty Workshop

Our Intrinsic Living Loyalty Package for returning friends, 6 Weeks of deep connection, intrinsic guidance, mentoring, meditation, deep inner work & closure.
At a good bloke mates rate to reward your inner work and loyalty. We love going deeper and we love it more when you want more..

NOTE: You MUST have attended and completed a previous workshop with Intrinsic Tribe to qualify for this workshop

You will be expected to allow a minimum of 2hrs weekly of YOU time for this program plus homeplays and workshops.
We will discuss on a zoom session prior what you need and how to manage it.

This Intrinsic Inner Growth Workshop is a 1 on 1 session and much more than a generic guided meditation & workshop session you may find online.

We chat, connect and gather a deep understanding on what you would like to focus on.

We then discuss the strategies and reasons behind them, before moving into a 1 on 1 guided meditation based on your needs.

Afterwards we discuss the emotions, stresses or anxieties that may have come to the mind throughout the meditation session.

The workshop exercises and tools are carried out throughout the entire workshop, so strap yourself in as we peel away your thoughts and beliefs and uncover your Intrinsic Self.

We are not limited to what took place in the exercises, we can discuss another emotion, life event or business idea or process. It’s up to you.
You get to use the knowledge and skillset of the Inner Growth Coach.

This service will drill down deep on the chosen topic or emotion and focus there throughout the exercises and workshop.

It’s important you trust the process and the system to gain maximum value and take away benefits.

Intrinsic Tribe will go as deep as possible within the time frame of this workshop, however we may require further sessions, depending on your unique needs.
This will be discussed in detail and it is 100% your decision. Our goal is closure on the topic by the end.

This is a safe and secure place to discuss whatever is on your mind and important to you in the moment.
It is tailored to you and specific to your needs, sometimes we just need someone to listen and care.
It’s a nothing left on the table inner growth and closure workshop, so bring it all and do not hold back.

This service is perfect for the humans who wants another caring person to listen who will not judge or fight back. Pass profound knowledge on that allows you to internally unpack yourself and open to self discovery.
You will be challenged, and you will get guidance in a way that allows you to push through any blockers or difficult feelings and emotions.
If you put in, you will experience profound knowledge of your inner slef and come out a changed person.

You have to do the work, we are here for you 100% and our role is to guide you towards receiving your inner self..

We always like to end with a short gratitude and appreciation theme, however that’s also up to you.

You get to do what feels right for you for workshop, outside of the meditation, we are happy to be guided by you on the depth you would like us to go. Naturally we will challenge you and guide you back when your inner voice or ego fight. Be prepared to unpack yourself and grow.

The value in this service is paramount, it’s unique and focused 100% on you and for you.

We will support you the entire workshop and if you decide, we will also guide you as a mentor would.

Nothing should be suppressed in this session and the goal is to define and steer towards closure of the emotion for you. It’s a guided inner growth pathway.

We have been known to go way beyond the 6 weeks in this session, its at Intrinsic Tribe’s discretion and each session is unique and never the same. Of course it is up to you as well when you leave.

This workshop is recorded for the safety of you and Intrinsic Tribe, however no inner personal information gets recorded, the entire session is private and confidential. We will always discuss and advice when and why we would need to record certain sections.

What to Expect

It’s a pretty simple and easy process to follow. Our goal is to make the journey effortless and of deep value.
Our only expectation is you bring yourself along, show up as you, and be open minded. After all our first battle is generally our ego. It can be a limiting voice in our heads at times.

If you decide to work with us, here’s what you can expect:

  • After you make your payment, you’ll receive an email from us with some important information, including a link to schedule your workshop, a form to fill out before we meet, and some tips to get the most out of our time together. You’ll also get some information about our unique approach and how it’s specifically tailored to men and women.
  • When you book your workshop, you’ll get a confirmation email with the Zoom meeting link (a video conferencing platform we’ll use). You’ll also get reminders about our workshop by email and/or text message 30 hours and 1 hour beforehand.
  • To get started, just click on the Zoom link at the appointed time. During our workshop, we’ll guide you through meditation or other workshop exercises to help you connect with your Intrinsic Self and explore your emotions and feelings in a safe and supportive environment.
  • We’ll have a meet and greet short 30 minute session via zoom if we have not already done so, to bring some ease to the journey, explain in more detail what to expect and bring along etc.. It’s no pressure and aimed at feeling comfortable with each other. From here we will book a solid date to start the workshop or jump right in.
  • We understand that men often feel pressure to suppress their emotions or put on a brave face, but our workshops are a place where you can let your guard down and be vulnerable. It’s okay to laugh, cry, confide, and express yourself in any way that feels authentic. We’re here to support you and guide you every step of the way.
  • If at any stage you feel the need to reach out, we are completely here for you. Simply email us at or book a free discovery session from our Coaching page
  • Mention which workshop you are currently in and we’ll connect with you asap via email or zoom.
  • . By the end of our workshop, you’ll feel refreshed and lighter, with a deeper understanding of your Intrinsic Self and a greater sense of awareness and clarity about your personal growth journey. You’ll also become more aware of your daily triggers and enjoy them without the reactions.

We’re committed to helping men like you find inner peace and fulfillment. Let’s work together to achieve your goals!