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We’d LOVE to give you some free support with a Certified Meditation Practitioner and a Life coach as well as a BONUS takeaway to help you better manage any angst or anxiety you may experience..

It’s the BEST way to find out whether or not we are a good match for each other, and you get to walk away knowing how to manage yourself when you encounter some anxiety.

It’s an enjoyable session designed to feel comfortable with each other and to learn something of value.
We believe you’ll genuinely appreciate the connection and definitely leave knowing something more about yourself, it’s win/win.

Intrinsic Tribe have a passion for Meditation, Mindfulness and Mens Health.
We love guiding men to better understand their challenges in life, work, and play, big or small.
We just want to help.

Disclaimer:- Our takeaway is we get new ideas for content and offers. It’s an informative and fun opportunity to connect and support each other. And don’t worry your personal details will NEVER be used, it’s simply research for content.

Read the FAQs or book your session below.

Frequently Asked Questions

After you book your FREE DISCOVERY CALL, we'll send you a Zoom Meeting link via email (please check your spam/promotions folders).
Just click on the link at the start of the meeting time. We’ll meet for 30 minutes.

I’ll ask you a few questions, like How did you discover us?, what are you inerested in discovering etc... for the first few minutes.
We'll chat and learn about each other. Then, for the last part, you’ll receive a mini EPT session on whatever topic you’d like.

We'll do 2 to 3 rounds of EPT. You'll walk away feeling calmer and clearer, with a stress relief tool that you can use anytime. (Yes, things can shift that quickly.)

Yes, 100% free, no steak knives or sales pitches, you may like to subscribe to our communications however that's your choice, It's optional.
This offer isn’t to quietly slip in a plug for paid services. It's a fun opportunity to connect and support each other. We only discuss money and other services if you bring it up.

If you felt some inspiration from our session and would like to work with us, we can schedule a free discovery call to make sure we're a good fit. Again it's win/win and no stressful encounters. Our mantra is live Intrinsically.

You just need a calm space, a good internet connection, a computer with working sound and a microphone.
Most laptops come with this standard. I'll guide you on the rest, it's about a fun discovery with a purpose.

Hot Tip:- Let everyone know you need 30 minutes of YOU time and have a comfortable chair or sitting at your desk works fine.
Headphones are great if you have them, they help block out background noise, so that you can focus on the session. They are noyt necessary.
Bring some good old H2O for hydration and be open minded.

Emotional Processing Technique or EPT is a stress relief technique.
The concept of emotion processing has its roots in psychology and neuroscience, while focusing on the cause of the stress, calms the mind, reduces anxiety and relieves pain.

Stress is linked to negative emotions, limiting beliefs and physical ailments.

Absolutely NOT, we chat, we learn, we do n exercise based on your chosen topic around emotions.
Intrinsic Tribe may do some additional research via various search resources to gain a more indepth knowledge of our topic discussed.

It is only to assist in finding appropriate generic content. Yo are very safe.